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Music Class

A Whole-Person Approach
to Disability
Mental Health

Mobile Private Practice


Meanjin/Brisbane, QLD.

Registered NDIS Provider

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Why music therapy?


Have you ever heard a song from your childhood and you are instantly transported back to that time? That is the power of music and neuroscience. 


Music has an immensely significant impact on human emotion and wellbeing. Just think of the memories that come up when you hear certain songs!


Music therapy is an evidence-based allied health stream which captures this power of music to address your therapeutic goals.  It is creativity for all, harnessed specifically for you. 

Why go with Kindred?

At Kindred, we embody a whole-person approach to your therapeutic journey, taking into account everything about you and your life.


We are trauma-informed therapists, meaning we never ask ‘what’s wrong with you?’, we instead ask ‘what happened to you?’. Trauma-informed therapy rests on 5 pillars which we all embody in our practice:


  • Safety 

  • Choice

  • Collaboration

  • Trust

  • Empowerment 

As music therapy is an evidence-based practice, all our methods are backed by empirical research to ensure you and/or your child receive the best personalised program.


What's the process?


About Kindred

"All living things on earth are Kindred."

-  Edward Abbey, author

I created Kindred Music Therapy to be a sanctuary and a home for all. A place where you are welcomed just as you are, and your creativity is cherished. 


Here you will find an accepting and caring team to work alongside you. Wherever you're at, we'll meet you there. 

I look forward to welcoming you. 


Founder and Director

Once we receive your enquiry and get you set up for home-visits, we have a look at your therapeutic goals and design your sessions in collaboration with you. 


All sessions and interventions are specifically tailored to you, and may include: 

  • songwriting

  • drumming 

  • instrumental/vocal improvisation

  • singing

  • creating playlists

  • lyrical analysis 

  • and more

No musical experience  required!



For pricing, please click here.

Playing Guitar

Music Therapy

Music therapy sessions are provided 1:1 at your home or school. All ages welcome!


Available in Brisbane only. Capacity is dependent on location - please enquire below.

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Supervision for Allied Health Professionals 


Clinical supervision available for all allied health professionals. 

Conducted via Zoom.

For more information, please check our FAQs here.

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